Art was a big part of my life for a long time, but then I concentrated on music for many years. I came back to it some ten years ago and it has grown into an entrancing process of research and discovery. It influences much of what I do in music, interestingly - the concept of colour in music has become very vivid and concrete since I put colour on paper. Equally, rhythm is an essential consideration for me when it comes to visual creation. 

I don't want perfect edges, and I mistrust high-tech stuff in my work. I work with manual cameras and film (preferably old reels so you get interesting effects as the film deteriorates), and I make things  using scissors, brushes, glue, paint, ink and all that old-fashioned hardware. I love the feel of hitting a piece of wood with a chisel, the slow elaboration of an etching plate, and the smell of turps in the morning. 

I work in mixed media, collage, oil, printmaking, woodcarving, mask making, and photography using a Holga 120N camera and fujichrome velvia 100 film. I'm a member of Double Elephant Print Workshop in Exeter.